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Vertical COF System
vertical cof SAMCOF 1
  • Adjustable speed 0.5-13 in/min, extended range option 0.5—45 in/min
  • Selectable units: COF, lbF, kgF, gF, ozF N
    • User configurable unit option avail
  • Displays Static and Kinetic COF simultaneously
  • Visual Indication of test status, pass/fail, and configurable alarms
  • User assignable passwords
  • 200 gram sled
    • Other masses are available
  • Removable fixture, test frame can be used for other tension and compression testing
  • Programmable Kinetic period
  • Removable gauge for easy calibration
  • Electronic data output ports
  • Overload protection
  • 1000 gram standard indicator capacity
    • Options to 5000 grams
  • Test frame rated to 300 lbF
    • Available indicators to 300 lbF
  • Heated platen option
ft_1 FT-1
  • Adjustable speeds standard range 0.0004-80 in/min
  • Displays Static and Kinetic COF and one additional unit simultaneously
  • Can program up to 10 different tests in self- contained tester
  • Can be configured as a universal test machine with by using Nexygen software extending the number of tests programmed to almost unlimted
  • Visual indication of test status, pass fail, and configurable alarms
  • User assignable passwords
  • 200 gram sled
  • Programmable averaging period and trigger
  • Plug and play load cell
  • USB data output
  • +/- 0.5% of reading accuracy
  • Heated Platen option available

Coefficient Of Friction Test Systems

S. A. Meier Co. of Milwaukee, Inc. offers and supports specifically configured Coefficient of Friction (COF) test systems. All systems are complete and display the end result in COF units. In addition we provide full calibration and repair service for these systems. All systems are designed to meet COF test methods ASTM D1894, TAPPI T549, and ISO 8294 and many others.

The load sensor is mounted vertically and the sled is pulled horizontally through a turning block. The SAMCOF 1
has a very small foot print freeing valuable counter space. Although the systems are supplied as a turnkey COF
test system they are more versatile because the fixture can be removed and the stand used for other compression ad
tensile testing. Click HERE for a data sheet.

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