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We provide applications, calibration, repair, and custom fixture services for product we sell. Our technical staff is factory trained to provide you with factory quality service, with the experience of working in the field on the products we market. In addition we provide service on legacy products no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Application Support

Our technical staff has years of experience and will guide you through your application to provide you with systems that meet your needs.

Application notes are developed to help you though some of the common challenges or questions when using the products. These may be a simple as how to invert a display or as complex as selecting the appropriate calibration facility.

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Application Note how to mark switch closure in Nexygen Software
Application Note outlining proper sample testing for spot weld samples

Configuring a test system can be difficult because of the many options available. With your test parameters, we can configure a system that will best suit your application and will give you options to consider. If you don't know the parameters, we can take your sample and determine the best grips and gauge or load cell for the test.

Many of the force gauges and material test stands have special calibration requirements, equipment and/or specifications. Force measuring is unique and specialized. Factory training is often necessary to make calibration adjustments to the device. We have the necessary tools and training to perform calibration in our facility or on location of your force or torque equipment. We are capable of calibrating to 50,000 lbf, both in compression and tension.

Standards used for calibration are SI traceable and certified for accuracy consistent with ANSI/ASTM and NIST. Traceable calibration certificates contain initial (as found) and adjusted (as left) readings, pass/fail status, manufacturer's specification and other information about the device calibrated. ISO/IEC 17025 certificates also include expanded uncertatiny, k=2 for the measured data. A recall data base is maintained and reminders are sent to you prior to the due date of the device. Onsite calibration is performed consistent with the requirement for Material Testers per ASTM E4-01. Please complete our Product Service Form and include with you equipment to be calibrated.

S.A. Meier Company of Milwaukee, Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited calibration facility. Our scope can be found HERE.

Custom Fixturing and Custom Programming

If our standard grips or fixtures don't fit your application, will design and manufacuter a custom fixture. From your test requirements and a sample, we can design and 3D print a fixture to prove the design prior to commiting to manufacture, or, if the applicaiton is appropriate, the printed fixture can be used. No matter how difficult the sample is to grip, we have the experience to provide a grip that will work for you.

If you have an unusual test requirement that doesn't "fit" the software for the tester we can customize software so you can create the test profile required and/or the results needed.

Contact Us with your testing or fixturing needs.


Equipment repairs are performed following the manufacturer's procedures. We have a large inventory of repair parts and can often be onsite in 24 hours if necessary. We also have a parts inventory for many devices that are no longer manufactured or supported by the manufacturer. If we can't repair it, we will give you a trade in allowance if you replace it with another device from us.

To return product for repair please complete our Product Service Form and include with the shipment.

Testing Services

Although we are not an accredited test lab, we can test parts or assemblies and provide a written report. If an amount of testing is required over one week, or a longer period, you may want to consider renting force or material test equipment from us. Click HERE to view our rental equipment.

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