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Types of Peel Testers

There are three types of peel testers, 90 degree peel (the most common), 180 degree, and climbing drum.

Any of these peel tests can be accomplished with material testers or specialized force testers. To view our selection of material testers, click HERE.

  • The 90-degree peel test fixture is designed so that a moving table fixture is beneath the load measuring device and as the sample is peel moves to keep the angle at 90 degrees.
  • The 180 degree peel test fixture is designed to that the sample is placed in a fixture mounted parallel to the load measuring device.
Click HERE to watch a video of Chatillon's TCD225 test stand performing a peel test
peel Chatillon LTCM 100 performing a peel test
ls1 Lloyd LS1 performing a peel test


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