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Top Load Testing Machines
If you manufacture containers of any size, shape, or material, one of the most critical parameters in quantifying the design and quality of your finished product is its resistance to top-loading.
Mecmesin Top Load Testing Machines


Semi-automated Top-loader MultiTest-d
Semi-automated Top-loader MultiTest-d Specifications
• Ideal for testing small plastic bottles
• Rated to 1000N (220lbf) capacity
• Precise and accurate digital speed control
• Throat depth 70.5mm (2.8in) (measured to center line of load cell)
• Vertical Daylight 590mm (23.2in) (measured without compression plates)

• Quick recording of max compressive load, container free height and deflection
• Integrated console control for easy lockable programming and data tagging (e.g. user ID, batch, date and time)
• Overload protection shuts down test if excess load applied
• Constant crosshead travel rate eliminates inaccuracies arising from operator error
• Rapid response electronics capture peak compression loads
• Auto-export of results to PC, printer, or data logger

accessories Accessories:
50mm Ø Vented Compression Plate (with nose cone)
• Integrated nose cone positions containers centrally and avoids sample slippage
• Two circular vents allow air to escape from container during compression (according to test standards)
• Not suited for free-height test

50mm Ø Slotted Compression Plate
• Crossed slotted vents allow air to escape from container during compression (according to test standards)
• Suitable for free-height tests

130mm Ø Circular Compression Plate
• Large square plate to cover complete surface area of the container top
• Self-leveling mechanism available for absolute parallelism
• Thick, rigid plate for heavy duty applications

Chatillon Top Load Testing Machines

chatillon topload

Chatillon TCD 225

Top Load Testing Chatillon

• Two models 225 lbf max capacity and 1100 lbf max capacity
• Automatically measure container height
• Number of container profiles is unlimited
• Bar code input
• Statistical analysis
• Automatic data transmission
• Three password levels of security
• Accurate speed control
• Center line clearance to column 5.16 inches
• Vented platens available
• Overload protection

Click HERE to watch a video of the Chatillon TCD 225 performing a Top Load test

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