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Torque Products (High Performance)

High performance torque products fall into two catagories, motorized and non-motorized high performance indicator/sensor based.

The motorized torque tester is fully programmable and uses a torque sensor that is specifically designed for the tester and not only holds the calibration data but also the serial number as well as calibration due date. This type of tester includes software for writing programs and results queries. When the calibration due date is near, the program will provide an alert prompting calibration. Results will be tabular as well as graphical and the system samples for peak at high speeds. Multi-step programs can be written for movement in both directions and key on torque, revolutions, angle, time, and/or break. With password levels of protection, this type of tester is great for the lab or manufacturing.

Non-motorized high performance test systems are indicator with remote sensor based and can transmit data via electronic output. The indicator is capable of high speed sampling and has optional software available for data collection or plotting. Bottle cap torque testers and torque wrench calibrators use an indicator that is built into the base. The indicator is capable of storing peak data for multiple points.

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Intermediate Performance

Intermediate Torque testers fall into two categories, motorized with an indicator/sensor based torque measurement and indicator/sensor based manual measurement.

Motorized systems have the ability to measure peak torque from a motorized base that runs at a selected speed in either direction. The data collection may have a high sampling rate or low, depending upon the manufacturer. All will have capability of sending electronic data to a pc. Some will have the capability of measuring angle or revolutions or setting a password to protect the settings.

Manually operated systems are bottle cap or torque wrench calibration systems and are capable of sending electronic data to a pc.

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  • Motorized
    • Vortex-d
      • Motorized torque test system
      • Maximum capacity: 10N.m
  • Non- Motorized
tstm-dc Mark-10
shimpointermediatett_series Shimpo
Basic Performance

Basic performance systems fall into two categories, motorized and non-motorized.

Motorized test systems are gauge and indicator based systems that may or may not be capable of transmitting data electronically. These testers are basic and only run while the direction button is depressed.

Non-motorized systems may be a simple indicator with torque sensor and not data output or a test stand that will rotate in either direction when the hand wheel is turned. The test stand may accommodate the torque sensor and the indicator can be basic or high performance. Speed is regulated by how fast the crank is turned and is not recommended when speed is a factor in the measurement or speed of test is specified.

mk10_basic_torque Mark-10

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